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The Fight for Pure Water (Part 1)

clear glass of water

When visiting Paris for the first time, I visited Galeries Lafayette, and later sat down in one of those nice cafes with tables on the sidewalk, I asked for a Perrier mineral water, the waiter approached me and opened a very stylish glass bottle and poured the water into a cup, just like a fine Bordeau wine. I of course was on the top of my elegant youth .

Evian Water also has its place in my memories looking at the thick French fashion magazines and watching their attractive ads . In short, it was cool to drink designer bottled water, something like a status symbol.

Later Evian bottled it’s water in plastic,  creating the trend were the consumers take water on the go, to enjoy this clear and refreshing bottle of water outdoors on rides and trips. It became common to see people holding a bottle of water where ever they go.

And soon I had already forgotten that the tap water can be just as clear, pure and refreshing as any bottled water.

Of course there are countries where tap water is not clean and is not recommended for consume, there are many kinds of tap water filters to be used,  and of course bottled water, but it’s another story.

Let’s be honest and be conscious that what we are really buying is the bottle itself, there is an entire industry based on a marketing, convincing people that bottled water is consumed as a drink, yes maybe like wine.

Very well-known corporations that distribute other drinks  control also the bottled water market. Pepsico and Coca-Cola, the first with Aquafina and the second with Dasani. Evian is French Danone Waters a company which also has a variety of other products on the market. And of course Nestle with Perrier, San Pellegrino, Pure Life and Poland Spring.

Or, you can also drink with style the expensive Bling h2o!!!.

But the mineral water has undergone another transformation and that’s when Coca-Cola descided to acquire Glaceau,  founded in 1996 by Darius Bikoff, who offers not only plain water, but it’s enriched with vitamins and comes in various flavors. It currently produces Vitaminwater, Smartwater, and Fruitwater Vitaminenergy.

You can find lots of trademarks that went into this market lately offering this flavored mineral water . Yet make no mistake, we can still drink tap water, right?

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The Fight for Pure Water (Part 2)

Perrier Mineral water

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