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Wear Caps with Style

Caps started their way in fashion history back in the middle ages as a small hat, in the form of a helmet, made mostly of soft fabric to fit more closely than a hat. By the 19th century became an outdoor sports accessory and the cap with the stiff visor appeared by 1880’s used mainly for golf and tennis players. By the 20th century caps were used when riding, sailing, and finally for baseball caps.

From there to the actual fashionable cap it’s a success story today you can find it as an elegant ball cap sometimes called jockey shape cap, an accessory promoted by the best of firms. Cap prices ranging from $200-$300 dollars and sometimes more. And the price goes up if they are authentic celebrity autographed.

Wearing in style


Luis Vuitton

Gucci visor cap

Hermes cap


The cap market is full of fake and imitations look for your authentic style 🙂

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