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The Fight for Pure Water (Part 2)

Poor or rich, old or young, in rich or poor countries, people carry water back and forth, from where to, for what purpose?

Are we looking at our own future in the eyes? Are we running out of pure water, are we running out of drinking water? Well, if we are not now, future generations will. As corporations may teach of the rationalization of pure water by lending us all a 1.5 liter bottle at a time and we surely believe we drink in style.

We don’t need this status symbol. We all know pure water is healthy but as you carry your cellphone out of home, why to carry also a bottle of water, as you will never find drinking water outside?

We have seen the wise change of water from being a natural resource to a marketing commodity by powerful brands. By way of privatizing natural springs and wells.

So very well-known corporations that distribute other drinks,  control also the bottled water market. Pepsico and Coca-Cola, the first with Aquafina and the second with Dasani. Evian is French Danone Waters a company which also has a variety of other products on the market. And of course Nestle with Perrier, San Pelegrino, Pure Life and Poland Spring.

These multinational corporations reach natural water springs, build their own infrastructure to extract and exploit them and slowly deplete natural resources that belong to us all. Countries lend a hand by not investing in infrastructure, pipes and tap water for their citizens, and bringing by the easiest way a corporation that will sell the precious water like a luxury product to the people at high prices.

Countries in need of pure water right now, do not need these 1.5 liter bottles of water, not even small sachets of 500 ml.  of water at a time, at high prices.

What they need is help to invest in water infrastructure and the free reach of water resources, provided by their governments, municipalities, world aid groups and powerful institutions.

Drink potable, tap water (it’s not that bad) 🙂 or use purifiers attached and clean them as needed.


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