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Trendy colors for spring summer fashion 2011-12

For this summer and maybe the next one (who knows?) find a variety of beautiful colors to wear and feel trendy.

Although many of us know all about primary and secondary pigments, and also about the seven spectral colors produced in the rainbow. But for the fashion industry universe there are much more colors.

Naming colors is like creating them anew some of them derived  from the same object presenting   that color, such as “orange” or “salmon“, while others are abstract.

Some of the combinations are color shades (originally a shade was produced by adding black) depicting variations to this same color depending in brightness, saturation and tint (produced by adding white).


For the summer of 2012 trend we have a Orangeade color. Canary yellow, Poppy, Grass also called foliage, Tiffany blue is so pretty, Ink, Anemone, sandstone, and more, but names are less important than the colors themselves, so make your choices and feel free to combine. 🙂


Look for some color charts here:


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Fragrances explained

There is a difference between fragrance and perfume, even eau de toilette and cologne are different. But to make it simple we will say that perfumes and fragrances are based on essential oils, they are distilled from different plants and flowers.

Aroma compounds are fragrances, they come as chemical compounds that most be volatile and concentrated enough to get into the olfactory system.

But inside a perfume are more elements than essential oils, we find alcohol, aroma compounds, fixatives, solvents. All this elements depending on it’s concentration will produce perfumes, eau de perfume, eau de toilette, cologne and fragrances.

Perfumes exist since antiquity made out from essential oils extracted from plants and flowers by destilation. Obtaining aromatic waters and liquid perfumes mixtures of oil and crushed herbs or petals creating a strong blend. Rose water was very popular because of it’s delicacy.

Modern perfumery starts by the 19th century with the commercial synthesis of aroma compounds.

Fragrance chart


Shalimar a classic perfume

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