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Giving Trendy Colors Some Fun Names

Essie Mink Muffs

Essie Mink Muffs (Photo credit: thepeachmartini)


Colors are not just colors, and we know that, actually, colors have a name and a surname nowadays.


Nope you are not going to remember all those names in the next future, but they are great by now.


Pantone created: Tangerine Tango, French Roast, Rhubarb, Solar Power and Pink Flamb茅.


Essie lately created these original names for her nail polish colors:


Leading Lady: Deep red color with glitter !!


Butler Please: Bright blue and indulgent too.


Where’s my chauffeur? :Don鈥檛 know, but this blue looks much like a Tiffany blue to me.


Beyond cozy: Sure is. Silver and gold.


She’s pampered: Wow

And here are more!!


repstyle, lil boa peep, sssssexy, crocadilly, snake rattle and roll, snake it up





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Sorbet and Pastel colors wear them

Summer 2012 is almost gone, but we have still this riddle to solve: Those Sorbet and Pastel colors, did聽 they came here to stay over for fall and winter too?

Preen S/S 2012

Sorbet colors have beautiful names, like petal pinks, soft violets, mild mint, tulip yellow, light lavender, baby blue, peach, watermelon, coral, and turquese. Wear these colors with lace, soft silks.

Phillip Lim S/S 2012

We are going to see accessories and even interior design use them profusely.

The sorbet color palette is lighter than the pastel color palette.

Remember that actually a sorbet is made out of water and fruit, mixed into an ice cream used as refreshment between courses . And I’m not talking about “Neon” colors because they are another different story that can be a whole theme for a future post.

馃檪 Combine these colors freely, because they perfectly match all together. For fall and even winter, pair sorbet and pastel colors with black and grey, layered will look great.


Sorbet explanation and use

Hermes in summer!!!

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About Color Palette Spring 2012

2012 is coming with a spectrum of fantastic colors, with fun names like “Tangerine Tango”, ” Solar Power” and many more, get used to them because you’ll see them all over.

Orange-Tangerine Tango

Tommy Hilfiger

Here are the top 4 must colors.

Tangerine Tango, declared the color of the year, a vibrant top color for this 2012 spring.

Bill Blass used the “Solar Power” color on some of his spring 2012 fashion designs.

Soladite is a beautiful blue stone, use it as bracelets and necklaces

Dior nail polish in “Pink Cabaret” color

Pantone is an authority when speaking about color, the fashion industry and many other color based industries depend on their charts (Pantone Matching System) for matching the exact colors in pigments and materials. But also brings us a spectrum of tones for us to enjoy.

Spring 2012 color chart


Bassia’s live video streaming

Color Palette generators: very useful and user friendly for designers and artists.

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Trendy colors for spring summer fashion 2011-12

For this summer and maybe the next one (who knows?) find a variety of beautiful colors to wear and feel trendy.

Although many of us know all about primary and secondary pigments, and also about the seven spectral colors produced in the rainbow. But for the fashion industry universe there are much more colors.

Naming colors is like creating them anew some of them derived聽 from the same object presenting聽聽 that color, such as “orange” or “salmon“, while others are abstract.

Some of the combinations are color shades (originally a shade was produced by adding black) depicting variations to this same color depending in brightness, saturation and tint (produced by adding white).


For the summer of 2012 trend we have a Orangeade color. Canary yellow, Poppy, Grass also called foliage, Tiffany blue is so pretty, Ink, Anemone, sandstone, and more, but names are less important than the colors themselves, so make your choices and feel free to combine. 馃檪


Look for some color charts here:

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Color Palettes

When working with images and colors, palettes come to be very important.

Here are some links to pages that might be very helpful in your design projects or creations.

I looked specifically for Rococo color palette, but you can do the search you need for yourself on the same link. Choose an art style and get the color palette you need.

Also get into a higher level in your search with color palette generator, here with the link to the image you are interested you get it’s color palette.

Palettes are important for matching colors from images to backgrounds and their uses are infinite, play with colors and get the code color (RGB, Hexadecimal value or Pantone) for your web page or design project.

If you need already built color schemes

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Handbags in full color

Usually when we are going to buy a handbag we have in our minds colors like black, white or brown, but you and me agree that choosing a bright and bold color can make a big change and give a lift to a rather simple suit or set, or to a pair of jeans and a T-shirt. So, start to think in terms of colors when you are seconds away from purchasing a new bag.

Miu Miu

Fuchsia Handbag by Miu Miu


Tods burgundy, olive green and terracotta colors

Gwyneth Paltrow in Tods fuchsia handbag

Pinko-fun Italian handbags

Glitter purple Pinko


Hermes Pink bag (Victoria Beckham got one)


Even traditional Burberry with yellow eggplant colors


Balenciaga red, green and yellow just like a traffic light

Balenciaga collection

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Diamond is my Color

There can be beautiful rainbow colors in our world, but the different diamond colors are the best to enjoy and they are great when wearing them. But first let’s see what a real diamond is and then we will understand why they bear different colors. And last but not least what are the best diamonds that are for us on the market, their value calculated by carat weight.

The best moment of them all is buying this gemstone, or let someone else buy it for us.

The Greeks used to call the diamond adamas this means “unbreakable” because of the strong bonding between the atoms, maybe and just maybe, it also speaks to us about the bonding, the engagement between man and woman when they make one another a love commitment, giving diamond ring to his fianc茅 like as a symbol of their compromise before marriage. Oh ! ok also for anniversaries.

If you want a technical explanation about the diamond structure you’ll not find it here, but I’ll try to explain how come diamonds have different colors. I’m not an expert, but I love diamonds. A diamond is formed by crystal structure called “diamond lattice” inside this structure sometimes are trapped impurities in the form of chemical elements as Boron and Nitrogen combined with it’s typical transparency, and polished to perfection, all this elements give the diamond it’s clear and sometimes white color we love so much in natural diamonds.

The polishing of the diamond is critical because this accentuates the high optical dispersion this means it has the ability to disperse the different colors that catch our eyes.

When there is more boron in the atom composition of a diamond we are talking here in one per million of lattice atoms we get a blue diamond. For a yellow diamond there has to be more nitrogen, and so on we can get black, grey, brown diamonds, green, purple, pink, orange and red.

When a white diamond has a yellowish color it’s said to be a cheaper diamond. Intense pink and blue diamonds are in the market and can be highly valued.

On the contrary to natural diamonds formed within the earth, synthetic diamonds are manufactured in a laboratory, made by high pressure and temperature, and by chemical vapor deposition (CVD). By the methods before mentioned, there are also yellow, blue, green and pink diamonds. Even black and brown diamonds are in the market. During a long time brown diamonds where considered worthless but they are becoming popular now days. This color is compared to champagne, to cognac, honey and caramel, even chocolate.

The trends for 2011 diamond jewelry and jewelry in general:

Snake rings and bangles, butterfly and flower motifs, natural stones with electric colors, multiple diamonds to give the appearance of a chunkier piece, gold with brown or chocolate diamonds with a vintage air

Chocolate Diamonds|10451|10001|-1|19070|19070|19070|Y

For beautifull diamond, necklaces, rings, etc…De Beers

For beautiful jewelry and diamonds Boodles

Rare and exquisite Pink Diamonds

Hello Kitty

black diamond pendant by Kimora Lee Simmons

The glittering world of Hello Kitty

Color Diamond Chart

What is your diamond color??

fancy cut diamond chart



Diamond educational:

Read about the Kimberley Process: A joint governments, industry and civil society initiative to stem the flow of conflict diamonds

(stay informed it’s important) 馃檪

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