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Fashion and Ice Age

I wonder how fashion might interpret another ice age, if suddenly it will be here again and how we would dress for the event,   warm and elegantly to go outside to walk and enjoy among the icebergs and frozen lakes just cold.

This is what you can feel in this original fall/winter fashion show by Chanel in which you can  find lots of leather, fur (synthetic), wool, mohair, and thick tweed. I thank Karl Lagerfeld for his imagination and for bringing us this fine show.

Accessories are also heavy and  some of them with  an ethnic air.

Some of the light dresses are really cute also


🙂 The boots…..I’ll say some Yeti style… hairstyle and eye shadows well…could be better

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Fashion Fall Winter March 2010

PARIS, March 10, 2010

Fashion Show

A style reminiscent of the 50’s 60’s circle skirts, very feminine, Marc Jacobs did a great job.


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