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About Color Palette Spring 2012

2012 is coming with a spectrum of fantastic colors, with fun names like “Tangerine Tango”, ” Solar Power” and many more, get used to them because you’ll see them all over.

Orange-Tangerine Tango

Tommy Hilfiger

Here are the top 4 must colors.

Tangerine Tango, declared the color of the year, a vibrant top color for this 2012 spring.

Bill Blass used the “Solar Power” color on some of his spring 2012 fashion designs.

Soladite is a beautiful blue stone, use it as bracelets and necklaces

Dior nail polish in “Pink Cabaret” color

Pantone is an authority when speaking about color, the fashion industry and many other color based industries depend on their charts (Pantone Matching System) for matching the exact colors in pigments and materials. But also brings us a spectrum of tones for us to enjoy.

Spring 2012 color chart


Bassia’s live video streaming

Color Palette generators: very useful and user friendly for designers and artists.


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White themed fashion for spring summer 2012

Armani 2012

Versace Spring/Summer 2012

Luis Vuitton Spring/Summer 2012

Chanel Spring/Summer 2012

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Trendy colors for spring summer fashion 2011-12

For this summer and maybe the next one (who knows?) find a variety of beautiful colors to wear and feel trendy.

Although many of us know all about primary and secondary pigments, and also about the seven spectral colors produced in the rainbow. But for the fashion industry universe there are much more colors.

Naming colors is like creating them anew some of them derived  from the same object presenting   that color, such as “orange” or “salmon“, while others are abstract.

Some of the combinations are color shades (originally a shade was produced by adding black) depicting variations to this same color depending in brightness, saturation and tint (produced by adding white).


For the summer of 2012 trend we have a Orangeade color. Canary yellow, Poppy, Grass also called foliage, Tiffany blue is so pretty, Ink, Anemone, sandstone, and more, but names are less important than the colors themselves, so make your choices and feel free to combine. 🙂


Look for some color charts here:

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Boot thong flat sandals or when fashion trends go wrong

Flat sandals with boot thong in the Chanel Cruise 2011/12 fashion show.

I really love Chanel but, what was Karl thinking this time? 🙂

This roman style inspired boot thong, semi-gladiator, flat sandal or “Tango thong”, does not look any confortable for the models wearing them.  Abbey Lee Kershaw, Sigrid Agren and Melissa Tammerijn, walking extravagant on the runway with their toes popping out. We expect perfection from a brand like Chanel.




And Versace Spring-summer 2012 men’s wear  gladiator  sandals with socks (!!??)


Read more comments about Chanel Cruise and boot thong sandals fashion.

Versace Spring-Summer 2012

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British Fashion to Beijing

Burberry’s fashion going to Beijing April 13th 2011

they say there will be British weather with artificial rain and snow………..

Sales in the Asian market are growing and mostly for branded luxury products.

Burberry is opening a fashion boutique in Sparkle Roll Plaza, Beijing

Nice event…amazing graphic work! 🙂

Watch online the Live Stream from Burberry


Read about more luxury brands going east

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When fashion imagines Byzantium

Chanel reaches six collections a year with Karl Lagerfeld’s great imagination.This time influenced by the Byzantine Empire and a rich style, presents it in a Pre-Fall 2011 fashion show that results in an original mosaic of creations well adapted to actual trends.

Rich materials tunics with mosaic like buttons and accessories covered in precious stones. A wonderfully expressed point of view on fashion with black, gold, silver and copper colors combined perfectly.

Backstage Paris Byzance show

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When luxury and tradition meet East

 The French high fashion house Hermes, established in 1837, moved in 2000 its clothing segment to China.

But not just China enjoyed of this luxury firm, lately Mumbai in India, got its first Hermes store in July 20 2011, two luxurious floors of silk colorful scarves, ready-to-wear, Hermes saris limited edition, perfumes, jewellery, watches and leather goods. Adding to two other branches in Delhi and Pune.

CNNGO Hermes in Mumbai

Hermes, Paris going towards East, Shanghai to create Shang Xia

Shang Xia This brand name reflects contemporary style in a Chinese and Asian traditional style. What happened when a firm like Hermes Group gets in contact with a Chinese designer Ms. Jiang Qiong Er and create a company that offers contemporary design for a high style. Including fashion, furniture, accessories, decorative objects. This oriental 21th century luxury style combined with the Hermes elegance is a beautiful choice.


Luxury brands going to China

Shang Xia

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A Look into Medieval Textiles

A short and close look at Medieval textiles from the 12th century until the 17th century with the major markets and cities of that time.

Luxury silks from the northern Italian town of Lucca in the 12th century were being sold in Champagne fairs of northern France. There you could find woven brocades, silks featuring repeating patterns of flowers and animals.

In the 13th century the most important material for outer wear was wool and linen, linen was mostly used for clothing that was in direct contact with the skin. We can find embroidery in wool and silk, for the rich using gold thread, red velvets and pearls.

Textile major centers in Medieval Europe, Low Countries, Flandes, Artois, Brabant, Champagne (important locations in actual Belgium, Luxemburg, Netherlands, parts of Northern France and Western Germany) Northern Italy. They dominated international markets in the production of luxury wool cloth and middle-level too.

By the early 14th century Luccese silks dominated the market joined by other Italian silk-weaving towns like Venice, Genoa and Bologna. From mid 14th century we can see a recognizable trend for fashion with the beginnings of tailoring when clothing were made to fit more closely the body with the help of lacing and buttons.

Mi-parti or parti colored fashion were garmets  made of two contrasting fabrics one on each side. Wool fabrics were dyed in rich colors like reds, greens, gold and blues (worn mostly by the aristocracy)

By the beginning of the 15th century silk weaving was well established around the Mediterranean producing silks, velvets, in silver gilt, in towns like Florence, Venice and Seville.

By the 16th century black cloth was increasingly worn for must formal occasions, bobbin lace made in Flandes was mostly used together rese of the ruff (fluffy collar) made of fine Italian reticella a cut work linen lace.

The 17th century saw the flowering of needle lace (point lace) producing a geometric reticella. Bilant was a long tunic where the sleeves fitted tightly to the elbow and flatted into a trumpet shape, the blouse fitted with a belt wrapped twice around the waist and knotted in front of the abdomen. The belts also accompanied by pouches or purses.


Medieval style clothing take a look

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Fashion and Ice Age

I wonder how fashion might interpret another ice age, if suddenly it will be here again and how we would dress for the event,   warm and elegantly to go outside to walk and enjoy among the icebergs and frozen lakes just cold.

This is what you can feel in this original fall/winter fashion show by Chanel in which you can  find lots of leather, fur (synthetic), wool, mohair, and thick tweed. I thank Karl Lagerfeld for his imagination and for bringing us this fine show.

Accessories are also heavy and  some of them with  an ethnic air.

Some of the light dresses are really cute also


🙂 The boots…..I’ll say some Yeti style… hairstyle and eye shadows well…could be better

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