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More of Harajuku and Mori Girl

Another surprise appears under the Japanese style subculture and this time it’s a really easy  going, natural almost bohemian. Mori Girl with a touch of romantic style. In light flower prints fabrics and lose gowns, with  natural earth colors like white, beige, dark green, deep blue, dark red, and soft lines. Reflecting innocence in an enchanted fairy forest finding quiet and peace of mind even in the loud modern Tokyo streets.

Oji Kodona, a Lolita Dandy style and Haute Couture Chanel 2012

For more to offer for Harajuku style lovers here is  Sephora with lots of fragrances

Shop Gwen Stephani–Stefani-am-lid_G__brands.html


Mori Girl cuff:

Wearing Harajuku and Lolita Style in Tokyo

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Fashion videos

LANVIN Fall/Winter 2012 promo

Tiffany video



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Fragrances explained

There is a difference between fragrance and perfume, even eau de toilette and cologne are different. But to make it simple we will say that perfumes and fragrances are based on essential oils, they are distilled from different plants and flowers.

Aroma compounds are fragrances, they come as chemical compounds that most be volatile and concentrated enough to get into the olfactory system.

But inside a perfume are more elements than essential oils, we find alcohol, aroma compounds, fixatives, solvents. All this elements depending on it’s concentration will produce perfumes, eau de perfume, eau de toilette, cologne and fragrances.

Perfumes exist since antiquity made out from essential oils extracted from plants and flowers by destilation. Obtaining aromatic waters and liquid perfumes mixtures of oil and crushed herbs or petals creating a strong blend. Rose water was very popular because of it’s delicacy.

Modern perfumery starts by the 19th century with the commercial synthesis of aroma compounds.

Fragrance chart


Shalimar a classic perfume

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