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What is going on between chocolate companies this days? As I know conversations are being held by Hershey and Kraft on their intention to expand their markets overseas, where Cadbury and Ferrero are.

There are good experiences in life, but one old-time exquisite experience is eating chocolate…good chocolate.

One of these great moments happened when I was travelling from Mexico City to Huston, Texas by car, not an easy two-day trip, and finding out that with the heat of the Sonora desert a Hershey’s chocolate bar was totally melted, I ate it like chocolate fudge and was great.

Other great moment was when crossing the Suez channel on a boat to Egypt, when arriving at Qantara I found a Cadbury chocolate smashed deep in my backpack it tasted so fine!

But Hershey and Ferrero teamed this Wednesday to make a counter offer the one that Kraft made to Cadbury some days ago.

Negotiations are going on and we will see more clearly what is going on by December’s  first or second week.


Ferrero has Ferrero Rocher, Kinder Surprise Egg, Nutella and the tictacs

Kraft brands are Oreo, Maxwell House Coffee


Kraft and Cadbury negotiations

Hershey and Cadbury negotiations (in Spanish)

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