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Sorbet and Pastel colors wear them

Summer 2012 is almost gone, but we have still this riddle to solve: Those Sorbet and Pastel colors, did  they came here to stay over for fall and winter too?

Preen S/S 2012

Sorbet colors have beautiful names, like petal pinks, soft violets, mild mint, tulip yellow, light lavender, baby blue, peach, watermelon, coral, and turquese. Wear these colors with lace, soft silks.

Phillip Lim S/S 2012

We are going to see accessories and even interior design use them profusely.

The sorbet color palette is lighter than the pastel color palette.

Remember that actually a sorbet is made out of water and fruit, mixed into an ice cream used as refreshment between courses . And I’m not talking about “Neon” colors because they are another different story that can be a whole theme for a future post.

🙂 Combine these colors freely, because they perfectly match all together. For fall and even winter, pair sorbet and pastel colors with black and grey, layered will look great.


Sorbet explanation and use

Hermes in summer!!!

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Royal Deco and Crown elements

Do you want to experience some of royalty right at home? Look at some of this decorative elements for inspiration

Crowns and coronets wallpaper will make a good start on one wall as a focal point

If you find a crown stencil or wall stickers, also can do the job by painting the wall in white and black details. Ad some rubies and diamonds decorative stones to highlight the colors.

Or this shadow chandelier decal

A white table and chair with silver details can help, a vase or urn with flowers, some flags, monogrammed cups and plates, they don’t have to march.

Some glasses or cups with gold decor.

Your color palette will be of red, deep blue, black, white, silver and gold.


Luxury Royal Wallpaper

Monogram madness

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