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Itasha Craziness

Or get into decorating your car with manga images

Are you a legal anime fan otaku or you just like anime,   why leave it inside your TV or PC when you can have it on your car. If people already got anime tattoos themselves why not give some tattoo experience to their car.

Itasha means pain-mobile this is a trend coming from Japan just made real for anime fans (why do something like that just to your car when you can do it to your motorcycle and bicycle too) .

Finally choose decals or paint,  your car is not going to like this 🙂

Look at more Itasha Photos

by Tomoyuki Sakaguchi


Tomoyuki Sakaguchi



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From Japan AKB48 and the making of Eguchi Aimi

Join the craziness

Computer generated singer Eguchi Aimi from the AKB48 group believe it or not!!


Look at the group musicals


Nana Kitade in Gothic

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More Kitty Fabulous World

Welcome to more of  Hello Kitty’s Fabulous World… get inside news, see her family and  her friends.

Hello Kitty latest arrivals

BIG PINK BOW: NEW HELLO KITTY SEPHORA COLLECTION get ready for May 4th 2012 launching new fragrance.

iPad cases Hello Kitty


Momiji and Hello Kitty dolls!!

so sweet!!


Get ready for 2011 Swarovski and Hello Kitty stylish line of jewelry.

Memoirs of a Kitty Collection

The collection includes a palette, cosmetic bag and notebook in a cherry blossom-design and is available now at and Sephora stores nationwide!

Memoirs of a Kitty collection

Hello Kitty Coin Bag: 3D Movie so cute!!!

Hello Kitty Midnight Blue Patent Handbag

Hello Kitty doll online(activity)

Hello Kitty Pop-a-licious Perfume

Hello Kitty Red Bow Collection

Sephora Hello Kitty line for 2011

Tokidoki working with Sanrio, the house of Hello Kitty to create this fun line.

Hello Kitty Tokidoki iPad case,default,sc.html?sz=100

Enjoy all this line of products!!

All Mimobot friends

Take a look at the complete page of  “Kitty’s Fabulous World”

Continue reading

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Wearing Harajuku and Lolita Style in Tokyo

Do you want to look like a Victorian porcelain doll??

Strange as it seems, there are Harajuku, Ganguro , Lolita, and Punk, fashion styles many of this found in Tokio streets and in Japan in general. To explain all this looks can be difficult, I’ll just present the particular elements of this subcultural but important fashion trend.

Harajuku: Named for the Harajuku Station and Jingu Bashi pedestrian bridge connecting the Harajuku district with the Meiji Shrine and the Yoyogi Park in Tokio. This are pleases where you will find teens meeting, dressed in this unique style. Also in Osaka is a much seen trend among  teenagers.

This trend is formed by different looks from ” Gothic Lolita ” to “Punky Modern”. This fashion is slowly spreading outside Japan with great influence.

Elements for dressing Harajuku: Lots of layers, sweaters jackets and vests, over blouses and T-Shirts, dresses over leggings, accessorize with bright colors, theatrical make-up and hairstyle. Best of all, get inspired!

Ganguru: Lot‘s of color and lot’s of tanned make-up and blond hair!

Visual Kei: Great influence in this style. With heavy makeup as the Rock Music Band’s style dressing.

Visual Kei video

Most of this trend is called ” Lolita”  with it’s different styles…here they are listed.

Gothic : Elegant Victorian style clothes: Knee length elaborate dresses with crinolines under and head- bands.   Elegant Gothic Aristocrat with longer elaborate dresses and refined style. With ….listen… doll like contact lenses, yeap.

Sweet : Is a Victorian style combined with Rococo. Something like Alice in Wonderland.

Classic : Also Rococo but much mature.

Punk : Influenced by London punk but with a Japanese twist.

Wa and Qi : Wa Lolita uses traditional Japanese clothes, modified Kimonos to fit common Lolita style, creating floral crinoline skirts and blouses. Qi Lolita uses Chinese traditional clothes modified.

Oji or Kodona: Is a boy style taken from Victorian dressing for boys and men, some girls also use this style with shirts, trousers, top hats, generally color black dominating.

Hime : Princess or European Aristocratic style.

Guro : Broken doll style mostly dressed in white to exalt the blood over the dress and blood like makeup used  as a more theatrical injured appearance (I just prefer the clean like doll look mostly in white).

Sailor : With stripes on blouses, ties and hats.

:)When following all this Lolita style try to get it cute (not sexy, it’s not the intention…well) with lots of accessories colors and original fun!!


Tokio Hotel official  with gothic lolita

Gothic and Lolita Bible

More about Gothic Lolita in La Carmina

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