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Giving Trendy Colors Some Fun Names

Essie Mink Muffs

Essie Mink Muffs (Photo credit: thepeachmartini)


Colors are not just colors, and we know that, actually, colors have a name and a surname nowadays.


Nope you are not going to remember all those names in the next future, but they are great by now.


Pantone created: Tangerine Tango, French Roast, Rhubarb, Solar Power and Pink Flambé.


Essie lately created these original names for her nail polish colors:


Leading Lady: Deep red color with glitter !!


Butler Please: Bright blue and indulgent too.


Where’s my chauffeur? :  Don’t know, but this blue looks much like a Tiffany blue to me.


Beyond cozy: Sure is. Silver and gold.


She’s pampered: Wow

And here are more!!


repstyle, lil boa peep, sssssexy, crocadilly, snake rattle and roll, snake it up





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About Color Palette Spring 2012

2012 is coming with a spectrum of fantastic colors, with fun names like “Tangerine Tango”, ” Solar Power” and many more, get used to them because you’ll see them all over.

Orange-Tangerine Tango

Tommy Hilfiger

Here are the top 4 must colors.

Tangerine Tango, declared the color of the year, a vibrant top color for this 2012 spring.

Bill Blass used the “Solar Power” color on some of his spring 2012 fashion designs.

Soladite is a beautiful blue stone, use it as bracelets and necklaces

Dior nail polish in “Pink Cabaret” color

Pantone is an authority when speaking about color, the fashion industry and many other color based industries depend on their charts (Pantone Matching System) for matching the exact colors in pigments and materials. But also brings us a spectrum of tones for us to enjoy.

Spring 2012 color chart


Bassia’s live video streaming

Color Palette generators: very useful and user friendly for designers and artists.

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Color Palettes

When working with images and colors, palettes come to be very important.

Here are some links to pages that might be very helpful in your design projects or creations.

I looked specifically for Rococo color palette, but you can do the search you need for yourself on the same link. Choose an art style and get the color palette you need.

Also get into a higher level in your search with color palette generator, here with the link to the image you are interested you get it’s color palette.

Palettes are important for matching colors from images to backgrounds and their uses are infinite, play with colors and get the code color (RGB, Hexadecimal value or Pantone) for your web page or design project.

If you need already built color schemes

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