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A classic perfume

Perfumes may come and go ….fragrances and scents may reach their pick and disappear like ether, but good perfumes come here to stay. There are eternal extracts and oils that once bottled their essence cannot evaporate over the wind of time. Trendy perfumes may stay with us for a season or two, but good ones will stay forever. Celebrities with their own commercial perfume may come and go, but only the best perfumes stay.

Classic fragrances are trendy always, it is just the wise woman with a unique style that will find them. Only the best perfumes will become a classic, judged its scent over time by women and men too, they will keep their richness even for centuries if hermetically sealed. A mixture of essences extracts and scents of the highest quality declared as a classic, a work of art, created for our senses to enjoy. A simple flower, a modest fine wood turned into a fragrance adding pleasure and value to our lives. Magic is in a small bottle of perfume for you to feel, with no difference of age or origin, perfumes are the most classic of trends. Scents worn shared over centuries, by beautiful women over time.

Baudruchage is the final touch of class given to a perfume, it is a special and traditional technique of sealing hermetically perfumes. The “baudruchage” is done by hand with a thin dampened membrane applied to the bottleneck then attached with a golden silk thread,  softly bearding it “barbichage” and brushing it “brossage”, adding a small seal over the a knot, and some drops of wax to guaranty inviolability, many of the classic perfumes come sealed this way, preventing the intrusion of air into the bottle and the extract’s evaporation. This technique is done for example in Shalimar, and Chanel No5 perfumes.

For me I love extracts, where just a drop is enough to feel the great scent and my favorite, Shalimar by Guerlain this is a true classic scent, created by Jacques Guerlain with an oriental inspiration, in fact my very first Shalimar was bought at the Cairo shuk, as you might know Egypt is a very big producer of natural essences and oils for it’s distribution to perfume laboratories and the perfume industry all over the world.

For me being very young, and not knowing which essence match my style and which one to choose, in fact prices were very cheap, when asking the vendor for the best of the best in perfumes he pointed to the Shalimar with a twinkle in his eyes he said to me like an omen that I’ll be wearing it for all of my life. And here I am now still enjoying every drop of Shalimar elixir. This perfume was created in 1925 with it’s art deco bottle named after the Indian Gardens of Shalimar and in remembrance of the emperor that then built for his cherished love the greatest of all, the Taj Mahal.


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Fragrances explained

There is a difference between fragrance and perfume, even eau de toilette and cologne are different. But to make it simple we will say that perfumes and fragrances are based on essential oils, they are distilled from different plants and flowers.

Aroma compounds are fragrances, they come as chemical compounds that most be volatile and concentrated enough to get into the olfactory system.

But inside a perfume are more elements than essential oils, we find alcohol, aroma compounds, fixatives, solvents. All this elements depending on it’s concentration will produce perfumes, eau de perfume, eau de toilette, cologne and fragrances.

Perfumes exist since antiquity made out from essential oils extracted from plants and flowers by destilation. Obtaining aromatic waters and liquid perfumes mixtures of oil and crushed herbs or petals creating a strong blend. Rose water was very popular because of it’s delicacy.

Modern perfumery starts by the 19th century with the commercial synthesis of aroma compounds.

Fragrance chart


Shalimar a classic perfume

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Delicacy in images

Here are some photos reflecting delicacy and fragility, this photos are copyrighted,  if you want the clean image without the text please contact me 🙂

Shalimar perfumes

Vintage style writing notepads

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