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Browse Blue Book | Tiffany Co.

Browse Blue Book | Tiffany & Co.

You may call it light blue, Turquoise, Forget me not, or American Robin blue, but also you may call it Tiffany blue. And related to the elegant Tiffany box you wish to have so much.

Tiffany Blue

Enjoy the Blue Book 2013 beautiful !!!!!

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Yellow Fancy Diamonds

They say that: “The ideal diamond must have no color at all, like a drop of spring water”.

Well, this event occurs when diamonds have the most refraction of light, then they “sparkle”. But things change and color diamonds have become a trend. So we find a rainbow of tonalities to suit all taste:  red, blue, pink, green, and bright yellow that are highly prized and extremely rare.

Rare fancy yellow diamonds are also called canary diamonds where the deeper yellow color the more expensive it becomes.

The biggest  yellow diamond, take a look!! latest news and price.

The chart for grading yellow diamonds (GIA Scale) starts with the finest colorless diamonds represented by the letter “D” and proceeds through the alphabet until the letter “Z”. Beyond “Z” is the range where the diamond’s color is vivid and rich, called “fancy colors” and between them the fancy vivid yellow diamonds.

Yellow diamond color chart


Look at Tiffany’s Valentine’s Day charms

Diamond is my color

Read about the Kimberley Process: A joint governments, industry and civil society initiative to stem the flow of conflict diamonds

(stay informed it’s important) 🙂

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Fashion videos

LANVIN Fall/Winter 2012 promo

Tiffany video



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Luxury brands going to China

Luxury  firms will be going east by 2011 looking for more sells and bigger markets, some of them are already there.

Gucci, Cartier jewelry, Tiffany,  Luis Vuiton (Moet and Henessy), Tods.

Prada, with it’s base in Milan and owner of firms like Miu Miu, Car Shoe and Church’s opened new stores in Asia.

Gap opening in China

The French brands, Lacome, L’Occitane are selling in Hong Kong. Also Estee Lauder.

Automotive brands are doing good in China, like Audi, Mercedes-Benz and BMW.

Some of the brands launched in the past year fashion events in China mainland like done by Hermes in Shanghai, other cities are in the focus like Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan.

As for this luxury brands they have to tailor new strategies for the east market adapted and new and attractive to the Asian eye.

Walking through the Wuhan-Guang business district, can be an experience (Wuhan’s Jianghan Lu) (江汉路)


When luxury and tradition meet East



Luis Vuiton

Gap Inc.

Take a look at Chinese Brands:

Shanghai Tang

LukFook Jewellery

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