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Boot thong flat sandals or when fashion trends go wrong

Flat sandals with boot thong in the Chanel Cruise 2011/12 fashion show.

I really love Chanel but, what was Karl thinking this time? 🙂

This roman style inspired boot thong, semi-gladiator, flat sandal or “Tango thong”, does not look any confortable for the models wearing them.  Abbey Lee Kershaw, Sigrid Agren and Melissa Tammerijn, walking extravagant on the runway with their toes popping out. We expect perfection from a brand like Chanel.




And Versace Spring-summer 2012 men’s wear  gladiator  sandals with socks (!!??)


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Versace Spring-Summer 2012

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Wearing Harajuku and Lolita Style in Tokyo

Do you want to look like a Victorian porcelain doll??

Strange as it seems, there are Harajuku, Ganguro , Lolita, and Punk, fashion styles many of this found in Tokio streets and in Japan in general. To explain all this looks can be difficult, I’ll just present the particular elements of this subcultural but important fashion trend.

Harajuku: Named for the Harajuku Station and Jingu Bashi pedestrian bridge connecting the Harajuku district with the Meiji Shrine and the Yoyogi Park in Tokio. This are pleases where you will find teens meeting, dressed in this unique style. Also in Osaka is a much seen trend among  teenagers.

This trend is formed by different looks from ” Gothic Lolita ” to “Punky Modern”. This fashion is slowly spreading outside Japan with great influence.

Elements for dressing Harajuku: Lots of layers, sweaters jackets and vests, over blouses and T-Shirts, dresses over leggings, accessorize with bright colors, theatrical make-up and hairstyle. Best of all, get inspired!

Ganguru: Lot‘s of color and lot’s of tanned make-up and blond hair!

Visual Kei: Great influence in this style. With heavy makeup as the Rock Music Band’s style dressing.

Visual Kei video

Most of this trend is called ” Lolita”  with it’s different styles…here they are listed.

Gothic : Elegant Victorian style clothes: Knee length elaborate dresses with crinolines under and head- bands.   Elegant Gothic Aristocrat with longer elaborate dresses and refined style. With ….listen… doll like contact lenses, yeap.

Sweet : Is a Victorian style combined with Rococo. Something like Alice in Wonderland.

Classic : Also Rococo but much mature.

Punk : Influenced by London punk but with a Japanese twist.

Wa and Qi : Wa Lolita uses traditional Japanese clothes, modified Kimonos to fit common Lolita style, creating floral crinoline skirts and blouses. Qi Lolita uses Chinese traditional clothes modified.

Oji or Kodona: Is a boy style taken from Victorian dressing for boys and men, some girls also use this style with shirts, trousers, top hats, generally color black dominating.

Hime : Princess or European Aristocratic style.

Guro : Broken doll style mostly dressed in white to exalt the blood over the dress and blood like makeup used  as a more theatrical injured appearance (I just prefer the clean like doll look mostly in white).

Sailor : With stripes on blouses, ties and hats.

:)When following all this Lolita style try to get it cute (not sexy, it’s not the intention…well) with lots of accessories colors and original fun!!


Tokio Hotel official  with gothic lolita

Gothic and Lolita Bible

More about Gothic Lolita in La Carmina

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Diamond is my Color

There can be beautiful rainbow colors in our world, but the different diamond colors are the best to enjoy and they are great when wearing them. But first let’s see what a real diamond is and then we will understand why they bear different colors. And last but not least what are the best diamonds that are for us on the market, their value calculated by carat weight.

The best moment of them all is buying this gemstone, or let someone else buy it for us.

The Greeks used to call the diamond adamas this means “unbreakable” because of the strong bonding between the atoms, maybe and just maybe, it also speaks to us about the bonding, the engagement between man and woman when they make one another a love commitment, giving diamond ring to his fiancĂ© like as a symbol of their compromise before marriage. Oh ! ok also for anniversaries.

If you want a technical explanation about the diamond structure you’ll not find it here, but I’ll try to explain how come diamonds have different colors. I’m not an expert, but I love diamonds. A diamond is formed by crystal structure called “diamond lattice” inside this structure sometimes are trapped impurities in the form of chemical elements as Boron and Nitrogen combined with it’s typical transparency, and polished to perfection, all this elements give the diamond it’s clear and sometimes white color we love so much in natural diamonds.

The polishing of the diamond is critical because this accentuates the high optical dispersion this means it has the ability to disperse the different colors that catch our eyes.

When there is more boron in the atom composition of a diamond we are talking here in one per million of lattice atoms we get a blue diamond. For a yellow diamond there has to be more nitrogen, and so on we can get black, grey, brown diamonds, green, purple, pink, orange and red.

When a white diamond has a yellowish color it’s said to be a cheaper diamond. Intense pink and blue diamonds are in the market and can be highly valued.

On the contrary to natural diamonds formed within the earth, synthetic diamonds are manufactured in a laboratory, made by high pressure and temperature, and by chemical vapor deposition (CVD). By the methods before mentioned, there are also yellow, blue, green and pink diamonds. Even black and brown diamonds are in the market. During a long time brown diamonds where considered worthless but they are becoming popular now days. This color is compared to champagne, to cognac, honey and caramel, even chocolate.

The trends for 2011 diamond jewelry and jewelry in general:

Snake rings and bangles, butterfly and flower motifs, natural stones with electric colors, multiple diamonds to give the appearance of a chunkier piece, gold with brown or chocolate diamonds with a vintage air

Chocolate Diamonds|10451|10001|-1|19070|19070|19070|Y

For beautifull diamond, necklaces, rings, etc…De Beers

For beautiful jewelry and diamonds Boodles

Rare and exquisite Pink Diamonds

Hello Kitty

black diamond pendant by Kimora Lee Simmons

The glittering world of Hello Kitty

Color Diamond Chart

What is your diamond color??

fancy cut diamond chart



Diamond educational:

Read about the Kimberley Process: A joint governments, industry and civil society initiative to stem the flow of conflict diamonds

(stay informed it’s important) 🙂

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